AerospaceBC is a home for British Columbia based small business manufacturers who would like to advance their opportunities to find work within the aerospace industry.

British Columbia has a wealth of technical knowledge and manufacturing capability that unfortunately is a well-kept secret. With a few exceptions small business in BC has generally flown under the radar and not grown like its peers in Eastern Canada and Washington State. This is somewhat surprising considering our close proximity to Boeing just 150 km to the south.

Although the border is an issue it is not a showstopper and can be overcome. The single biggest obstacle is lack of infrastructure and that needs to change. Through lack of infrastructure many companies have traditionally had little opportunity with 1st & 2nd tier aerospace manufacturers both here in Canada and with our neighbors to the south.

As the aerospace industry throughout this decade bring new airplane programs into production then capacity will once again become an issue. Suppliers to prime contractors and their partners will look for quality reliable small business to support their outsourced requirements. This is where companies within AerospaceBC will find bid opportunity by marketing their skills and equipment in engineering, manufacturing, metal finishing and tool fabrication.

Small business needs to communicate to move forward and AerospaceBC can help travel this road. If you would like to be involved in future developments or require more information on the capabilities within AerospaceBC, please contact us at

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